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The World Egg

Tue Feb 14, 2023
Tue Feb 14, 2023

Hi everyone!!! Second update today!

This one is a 30-40ish minute VN, made in Ren'py. One of the songs in this VN (the first one) is by Decateranomy

You can get the new album here, which has 21 of my songs, from the past two and a half years!

Credits to The Art Pyramid RPers who participated in the month and a half long RP back in Sept-Nov this past year! This VN could not exist without them. I really appreciate it. I had a lot of fun with the Art Pyramid RP and classes! It got really intense at points. I've tried to capture some of that energy in this update...!

This VN is also a prologue for the Althar RP which opens up TODAY! You can start to make characters for the Althar RP...

=== Join the Floraverse Owel Discord in order to get ready for it! ===

We'll be releasing forms, sheets, etc for participation soon! Please join the Discord to stay updated!

The Althar RP will be from today, Feb 14, through Sept 26 this year (2023). It may get intense at points! I had no idea how intense the Art Pyramid RP would get. I really didn't. But we're more prepared this time! The first major Public Event in the RP space will be on March 12. We'll be releasing Althar information in the weeks and months to come. We'll be covering a lot of topics in the RP to do with war, angels, religion, politics, and how to care and connect. Those of us running the RP really put our hearts into it! This story is really meaningful to us.

The main storyrunners this time are: Me (glip), Tem, Scape, Pengo, Kuri, Pajou, Lyn, Iz

I hope everyone has fun!!! I am so excited!