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Thread into Althar

Tue Mar 07, 2023
Tue Mar 07, 2023

Hi everyone! This is the next update in the Althar set of updates. This one shows the first in-universe prompt, explaining the Synemetric ritual and showing the other leaders of the other religions.

This update was written by: Eevee, Kuri, Pajou, Pengo, Japhet, and myself. Music is by me, Pengo, and Kuri.

We've been looking over and getting ready to approve characters for the Althar RP, with the first public event to occur on March 11th (Tigoth 11th in universe!), going to 2am (and beyond, probably) on the 12th, mountain time. After that, Althar will be open generally for RP to those whose forms are approved!

Now that I'm done with this VN I have a lot of prep to do for the 11th itself. I hope you all enjoy this look into what each of the leaders in Althar are like! As well as the glimpse into Teslic Yard.

If you're interested in joining the RP, PLEASE join the Owel Floraverse Discord!

It's likely to be open for applicants within the next 6 months still! Again, it's going to be an RP exploring a lot of heavy topics and heavy emotions, so please keep that in mind! Feel free to just stop by for the sake of talking about the update though, too!