[Beleth looking bored] [Andre looking proud of his graffiti]

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Welcome to Althar!

Hi everyone! The Althar RP event is starting up! This is the intro comic to give a little bit about what Althar is about. This comic is by River! Coloring help by Pajou!

If you'd like to join the new RP event (the previous one being the Art Pyramid event), please join the Floraverse Owel Discord server! And make a character! This event will be ongoing, until Sept 26! (Though it's likely you'll be able to RP past that date as well).


We'll be exploring a huge story in Althar, following the events of the Art Pyramid RP event that occurred in Eastar. Please come check the event out if you're interested! We'll try to keep applications open for as long as possible, but may close them if we get more people than we can reasonably moderate. We had some 40 people last time for Art Pyramid and this event is longer, and includes people from last time... so it's still up in the air!

Anyway, there will be another update later today! A VN update following the events of Art Pyramid and giving another look into what's going on in Althar, after this comic.