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Hello new readers!

Welcome to Floraverse!

If you want to read from the very beginning, start here:

Seeds: A Mini Story

If you want to go through every update as it came out, click on "Next by date" whenever it appears.

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"I read Seeds! Now what? I'm a little confused by all the arcs."

Good question! If you want to read the stories in roughly the order I made them, read these next:

Visual Novel / Video updates: Itchy Itchy (Prequel to Broken Toy)

Visual Novel / Video updates: Broken Toy (Sequel to Itchy Itchy)

Comic / Video update: Before You Know It (Happens after Broken Toy)

Visual Novel: Species sheet - Scrapgoats

Visual Novel: Species sheet - Revealeons

Visual Novel: Species sheet - Bugs of Deep Mountain

Comic / Visual Novel updates: This Means WAR (ONGOING) (Happens after Broken Toy)

Video / Visual Novel updates: Try, Try Again (Sequel to Broken Toy)

Comic: Seeds: War is Hell (Sequel to Try, Try Again and Seeds: A Mini Story)

After you've finished all that, there's assorted references to look through, Casca's Journal, some fun Q/A pages, and some assorted short stories!

If you’d like an explanation, great! Read on.

Floraverse is a webcomic and open world project focused on making stories and music. Viewer participation and discussion is highly encouraged.

We like to tell stories from several different perspectives and timelines, so main characters and plots will change from story to story (arc to arc).

Some of Floraverse’s updates contain character profiles, geographical references, wildlife references, interesting trivia, etc., in order to encourage the creation of fan-made characters, art, music and stories.

Everything on the site and submitted to the group is part of the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 License, which means basically that you can do what you'd like with it. But it also means that your Flora-derived works are available for others to do with as they'd like, because that's how this works - you must share your Flora-derived works to be used in the same way as I share mine.

If you want to look over some quick questions, the dA FAQ covers the things most people wonder first. There's also an elements guide which can help you understand the world a little more.

Floraverse has an official community site that can be found here.

It also has an official bandcamp that can be found here.

We hope you enjoy our stories!