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Foxtrot, Bluegrass

The city of Foxtrot is located in the Bluegrass region, which is aptly named for the bluegrass that grows all throughout it. Foxtrot is known for its calming atmosphere and its terraced hills, the latter of which are used to grow all kinds of crops to feed Trebol (as well as the rest of the Blackjack Isles!).

Triplet Pits - In the center of Foxtrot lie three demon-made pits used to grow the food that Foxtrot itself needs to survive. At the base are three tiny lakes that are used to water the plants as well as the population. In between the three pits is the Foxtrot Plaza, and every day farmers sell their excess goods there.

Score Hills - Something about the Sound magic in the environment ended up shaping the hills and mountains of the region like giant steps! The sloping stairs had to be added by Hellsiders, though, as did the holes in the hill walls - which are used for storing equipment and goods, of course. Every surface of the Score Hills is used to grow things, from herbs to grains to whatever is needed.

PIctured below the art of Foxtrot is the massive Lake Simile, located just north of the city. It may look like three lakes, but they're all connected underneath the earth. Further north, the Bluegrass Mountains are located. It's up north where you'll find all the exotic herbs and spices that are nearly impossible for farmers to grow, as they require specific concentrations of magic to be present!