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The capital of Trebol - Vinyl, Turnstile

The city of Vinyl (in the region of Turnstile) is the capital of Trebol and the home of Arch Magni Andre. It's well-known for being where you can pick up recorded copies of nearly anything that gets played on Trebol. It's also where the Blackjack Isles has most of its radio stations broadcast from. There's nothing quite like natural sound magic in the island's atmosphere to enhance it all, either!

Governor's tower - the big, rectangular, colorful building with the eye on top? That's Andre's tower. If you have (very) important business on Trebol, you're going to be heading here. If you just want to look at Andre, you're going to need to head to the pyramid-shaped building next door over.

Art Appreciation Pyramid - this is a huge art gallery that Andre had installed, both to make Vinyl a more interesting city, but also because he felt it would help others better appreciate him -- and why wouldn't everyone benefit from that? Appreciating art is good for the soul. ...and so is being the recipient of appreciation.

The Big Micro - If you've ever wanted to listen to weird sounds that come from... somewhere, this is the place to do it. Except it's not. No public visitors. It's rumored that they pick up weird messages from space, here. Or maybe it wasn't space? Aw gee, I forget. This place is pretty mysterious though, and tourists are always trying to get in.

That all too bustling for you? You can still live in the suburbs as pictured below the main city, which have sound-proofing plants and trees all over (the most common of which would be the quiet qlovers), making it a nice and peaceful place to live, even if only a mile or two out from the city itself. But if you find that too quiet, you can install little illuminotes, which both decorate your house and produce a pleasant humming tune that changes every half hour! And it can only be heard from within the radius of your house, too, so no annoying the neighbors. Convenient!