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Doctors without borders group pic

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates, I was working on this huge community picture. We pitched together in the Discord server and raised $5000 together for SGDQ in order to donate to Doctors Without Borders.

Here's a list of everyone's characters (or names of the person when the character name is unavailable): Lexy, Papaya, Pride, Jaxi, Jules, Strawberry Lad, Wolfram, Wel, Salv, Rosie, Nohai, Quill, Foxglove, Taured, Shade, Chemp & Dillo, Dorothy, Sila, Aria, Laru, Caddi, Meat drop, Cassey, Tech fusion, Shura, Woz, Marlan, Gnaphalia, Serea, Wraith, Quinn, Kaveri, Priscillia, Celeste, Mallow, Gertrude, Vess, Eleray, Spice, Bell, Nikki, Nova Astra, Iris Bloom, Treefrog, Rice, Genie, Skinth, Ko'pe, Rogen, Chayan, Olipp Vera, Spice, Edwin, Value! Also thank you to Kuvi, Lillibelle, Bex, Ommy, Eid, and Medley!

Normal updates will resume shortly! :D