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Angelbox Issue 2

Issue 2 is here!

It's a download link attached to the Patreon post. Anyway! I hope everyone enjoys the effort of the community to put some of their difficult feelings down. I've included some of my thoughts at the end. Also, I accidentally basically wrote a VN update, but it's part of the zine. I'll probably make some music for that and have it as the next update.

The purpose of the zine is giving people a space to talk about difficult subjects, or personal feelings that have been elusive or troubling. If you want to participate in the next zine, please don't hesitate to send an email! I give updates on the Discord community about deadlines and stuff like that.

Thanks for viewing!

This issue touches on a couple of adult themes. It doesn't get explicit, but it mentions a couple of traumas that are adult in nature.

CW: rape/child abuse mention