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Hey everyone! Happy 5 year Floraverse anniversary! Floraversary? Whatever! I'm just happy to be back to more regular posting. I don't know what the schedule will be like, quite yet. What I DO know is that I've got a lot of story and I've been chipping away at it for a couple of months now, and I'm finally to the point where I feel comfortable getting back into a rhythm.

I hope you'll enjoy this chapter! It's the final chapter of the Seeds: A Mini Story... story... arc. The ordering is: Seeds: A Mini Story -> Itchy Itchy -> Broken Toy -> Try, Try Again -> Seeds: War is Hell -> The Show Must Go On.

Anyway! If you wanted to grab the vinyl figures and missed out before, you can do so here. The Seeds book is also there, since I took my shop down and haven't put it back up yet, and ESC-Toy is selling those alongside the figures for me for now. Thank you guys!

I sincerely hope you enjoy this final story set to this arc.