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Sat Mar 17, 2018
Sat Mar 17, 2018

Paneguin - Both incredibly popular and unpopular depending on who you ask, the paneguin is a high-maintenance pet that requires an owner's permit to keep within most cities on Owel.

Adult paneguins are highly magical and siphon magical energy from their surroundings. While their primary affinity is Crystal from birth, their secondary affinity depends on what kind of magic the baby paneguins absorb as they mature. Their predilection is to siphon magic from the most plentiful sources, which usually means that most paneguins in the Auroria-Kadath area have Ice and Water as their secondary affinity. Many paneguins have limited control over environments that align with any of its affinities, which can be dangerous in many settings.

Adult paneguins (with stomach-pane in tact) require a consistent source of magical feeding that aligns with one of their affinities, or they can fall ill from elemental undernourishment. Usually a requirement of keeping a paneguin in captivity is magical neutralization, which entails a special method of breaking the pane on its stomach so that the paneguin doesn't need to feed on magic anymore. This can lead to anxiety in paneguins that get neutralized as adults, as they lose their method of defending themselves.

Unbroken paneguin panes are extremely valuable in magical artifact crafting; the older a paneguin and the more magic it has absorbed over the course of its life, the more useful the pane (or panes) it leaves behind after its death. Paneguin farms require a lot of open space, and often at least one witch or wizard able to control the accidental disasters paneguins are prone to causing.

Banned in nearly every city are any paneguins with an affinity of Spirit or its subtypes, due to the old myth that a Spirit paneguin can drain you of your soul, leaving you a shell of an individual. Kadath at large is an exception to this mindset, as most wizards in the area don't really believe in "souls" or "Spirit affinity" to begin with, and see it as outdated, irrational superstition.

Thanks to tiny for the original concept!