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Squeels seem to have originated from the Frosty Bay, between Auroria and Kadath. This playful, energetic, and friendly species is a favored pet among Aurorians and Kadathites alike. Wild squeels are easy to tame and domesticate... provided you have much time and many fish on hand!

"Hide and seek" is their favorite game to play, with "seek" being the half of the game most squeels prefer. Squeels sometimes initiate this game on their own, without their owner having any idea that a game has started. This has caused many an unfortunate squeel owner to become startled by their little friend bursting out of nowhere, excited to have found their unknowing target. (By strange coincidence, squeels with an imminent vet trip do a lot more "hiding" than "seeking".)

All squeels have a false face with their real face located inside the "mouth" of the false one. The "eyes" on the false face cannot see and are purely cosmetic. There is a thriving, competitive market for new and interesting breeds of squeels. They are hardy and will adapt to most bodies of water.