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Species: Moahu

Moahu - like your likeness

Hereditary influence: High

Environmental influence: Low, constant

Language: Written

Notes: Moahu are mute

Ability to reason: High

Climate preference: No extremely hot, cold, or polluted environments

Notes: Heavily polluted environments tend to have acidic rain, which is harmful to most Moahu

Native to: Jewell

Found in: Holiday Marsh, major coastal cities


Affinities: Earth and subtypes, Fire, Water, Air, Spirit Notes: Most Moahu are Earth, and almost never have subtypes from any other element. They may acquire Fire, Water, Air or Spirit as secondary affinities if they have live in an area saturated with one of those elements.

Weaknesses: Acid Notes: Moahu are extremely skilled with Acid and are knowledgeable about its effects, but the element itself can easily damage them and interfere their abilities

Resistances: Fire, Plasma, Light, Aura, Lava Notes: Moahu are resistant to the destructive aspects of these elements. Moahu may even absorb and gain them as temporary affinities if they are exposed or subjected to them for long enough.

Immunity: Poison Notes: Moahu are immune to conventional poisons. They are immune to conventional medicines.


Moahu have a great interest in the holidays of other cultures and societies, and constantly strive to gain a better understanding of them. They even named their city “Holiday”, in honor of them. Given the number of cultures on Owel, Moahu are almost constantly celebrating something.

They don’t merely copy other cultures, however. The holidays Moahu celebrate are inspired by their other cultures’ counterparts. Moahu believe that one of the greatest honors a culture or individual can receive is to have inspired the creation of something new, to be appreciated by all who would see it.

Moahu have gone to great lengths to create a society and city which combines the positive viewpoints and celebrations of every culture they know about. If they learn about a new culture, they integrate it into their own culture.

They are skilled at mathematics, architecture and engineering, and will often travel to other cities in order to share their knowledge and vision in order to enhance the infrastructure of those cities. Existing sewers, aqueducts, dams, bridges, roads, coliseums… you name it, and most Moahu can easily draw up blueprints for heavily upgraded versions of them.

However, when something breaks, such as a bridge, they will never “just” repair it. They will see the break as an opportunity to change the bridge, to upgrade it, or give it a different aesthetic. This mentality is present in all Moahu for everything, including themselves. They never miss an opportunity to express their creativity and inspiration.

Abilities: Words, Everywhere!; Body Reclamation

Words, Everywhere! Moahu are completely mute. They are able to communicate with others by summoning magical glyphs, which float and glow in the air. The glyphs remain until they are dismissed or the Moahu that summoned them leaves their immediate vicinity.

These glyphs have the ability to be understood by any individual, regardless of what languages that individual actually knows.

Moahu do not have an innate ability to read or speak every language, so they must make an effort to learn different languages if they wish to hold actual conversations with other races.

Body Reclamation Moahu are able to incorporate the bodies of the recently deceased into the construction, or creation, of a new Moahu. The Moahu community considers this the greatest compliment they can give an individual.

This new Moahu will often share the behavior and personality of the body that was used to make it, but the Moahu community stresses that this is not reanimation in any sense of the word. It is the creation of an entirely new soul and individual, using the old body and its former identity as a base.

New Moahu created in this fashion often have the same affinity the old body had, but as a secondary affinity.


Moahu are made out of almost any kind of earth-based material. Brick, clay, cement, concrete and rock are the most commonly-seen types of Moahu. Glass is sometimes used, and gemstones can be incorporated into Moahu as well, but are usually in their raw, unpolished forms.

Moahu can modify their bodies as they see fit, although they will usually take on the appearance of a race or individual they are most inspired by.


Moahu are created, rather than born. The specifics of the process are unknown, but what is known is that any number of Moahu can be involved in the creation of a new Moahu, and that the new Moahu will often possess the affinity most common among their creators.

Moahu do not seem to go through phases like childhood and adolescence, but are considered fully-grown at creation. Researchers suspect that the creators pass down a good portion of their knowledge and experiences to the new Moahu.