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It's very rare to come across a necropossum, and rarer still to come across a still-living necropossum; they have a tendency to get themselves into fatal situations.

Hereditary influence: Low

Environmental influence: High

Language: Fae

Notes: Believe it or not, necropossums are a type of fairy! All types of necropossum can speak and read Fae.

Ability to reason: High

Notes: Even though most of them are, well, zombies, they're an intelligent bunch. You'd think that cessation of all brain activity would make them a bit slow, but you would be wrong.


Affinities: Spirit, usually

Weaknesses/Resistances: Varies on physiology and affinity



Necropossums are extremely varied. They're all in different states of decomposition, and they love to replace parts of their body with, well, whatever they feel like. The sky's the limit.

Only necropossums that have never died can reproduce, and then only with species similar in physiology. That's why hybrids are very, very rare.


Play Dead When they die, as long as their head (brain, to be specific) is intact, they'll come back to life! Kind of. They stop growing, sure, and their body needs special upkeep to prevent the ever-present threat of decomposition, but that doesn't matter. Right?

It's currently unknown how they come back to life, but it has to do with the mushrooms that sprout from them after they die.

Play Life All necropossums can raise bodies from the dead and order them around. The risen dead are just puppets, however, so you don't have to worry about a necropossum resurrecting your grandma and having her actually be there! It's just her corpse. No big deal.

Necropossums can also manipulate bodies that were never alive, like dolls, puppets, and mannequins. This type of manipulation is becoming very popular, since things like dolls need very little upkeep and smell better than zombies.

Hybrid Examples

Necropossum hybrids may vary from notes hereditary and environmental influences than listed above (See original twine for details).

  • Vampire Rabbat - x Singing Rabbat - top middle left, they tend to be tall, intelligent, have wings and fangs...well they are vampires. Please do not put a stake in their heart. That's rude. Model Price can deliver her prophecies to a wide audience through her Broadcast ability.

  • Nekopossum - x Cat - top middle right, can cover or replace decomposing parts of their body with other material such as fine fabrics, if they wish. As such, they avoid open flames. With their Tiny Mannequins ability, model Kersey can control dozens of puppets of various sizes at a time.

  • Bansheep - x Clover Lamb - top right, look like a Clover Lamb with no wool, and if Clover Lambs had no skin or organs underneath.... Model Ice Cream is the official musician of Trebol and with her Power Ballad ability, she can do more than just sing.

  • Bonefish - x Vanguard - bottom left, may not always look like a skeleton but they usually look like a Vanguard that's gotten into a terrible accident, even if they've never died before. Despite their appearance, they are quite social and most likely want to be your friend. Just be careful not to get a wound from them.

  • Deadwood - bottom middle left. If you're not a fairy, Deadwoods really will try to kill you. They are made out of anything you'd find in a forest (trees, dirt, rocks, bushes...). Deadwoods stick to their fairy circles. If you're in a forest and suspect there might be a fairy circle nearby, stay clear of it.

  • Deathwalker - x Manticore - bottom middle right, probably dead, and they're still walking around. Get it? They are usually tall, quiet, and very scary. Their manticore side usually gives them insect-like features. Most manticores have a venomous sting, yes, but deathwalker venom is especially bad.

  • Shackal - x Jackal - bottom right, can easily be mistaken for a statue of a slightly misshapen dull-colored Jackal, unless you knew what to look for. They are good at standing still. Like, REALLY good. The longer they stand still, the harder it is to see them.

  • Junkrat - x Scrapgoat - Not Shown. Even death cannot stop them from hacking!

Special Notes

Necropossums do tend to get into fatal situations, but they do not have a death wish! They just don't seem to have the "avoid danger at all costs" instinct that other species have.

They're also prone to loneliness, and often seek out friendship. However, due to their zombie-ish nature and the scent of decay that accompanies it, friends are hard to come by.

Don't be afraid of any type of necropossum! They make great friends. Except for the Deadwoods. Don't go near them.

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