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Hereditary influence: Very Low

Notes: If set to Very High, this will cause unstable genetic mutations. If set to None, it will cause stunted growth and sterility.

Environmental influence: Very High

Notes: Having this set to None will have no detrimental effect on a Scrapgoat but will not produce desired results, whatever that may be.

Language: Any

Notes: Archives used by many Scrapgoats contain every known language on Owel. They will browse through the archives if they wish to learn additional languages.

Ability to reason: High

Notes: Having this set to None is disastrous. Having this set to Very High will result in aboulia, or the inability to act decisively. Having this set to Very Low, Low, Medium, or Medium High will not have detrimental effect on a Scrapgoat but will not produce desired results.

Climate preference: Warm, Dry

Notes: A preference only for Scrapgoats are durable and adaptable.

Native to: Owel

Notes: ...Technically, this is correct.

Found in: Teslic Yard, Gloam, and technologically-advanced cities.

Notes: Scrapgoats have an innate desire to innovate.


Affinities: Any

Notes: Spirit and Psi are extremely rare in Scrapgoats that reside in Teslic Yard.

Weaknesses: Varies, dependent on Scrapgoat.

Notes: Manually introducing weaknesses results in frailty. They may change elemental weaknesses on their own without this effect as they age.

Resistances: Varies, dependent on Scrapgoat.

Notes: Manually introducing resistances results in stunted growth. They may change elemental resistances on their own without this effect as they age.



Scrapgoats form tightly knit communities, and are always accepting of other individuals, provided those individuals have a way to advance the interests and goals of the communities. To reject the opportunity to discover or learn something new is a faux pas among Scrapgoats. To date, they have no natural enemies, and no natural predators. That may inadvertently change in the future.

Each community appears to gravitate around specific affinities. It may be a case of like attracts like. Polarization has yet to be seen, and would be undesirable.

Abilities: Recycle

A Scrapgoat is able to insert into their horns, tail, or limbs any item of interest that will physically fit. They will then integrate the item into their body, which will cause gradual changes in their appearance, affinities and abilities.

If the Scrapgoat does not consume the required nutrients to allow for continued integration and growth of the item, they will shed it. Their appearance will slowly revert to its look pre-integration.

  • Scrapgoat on top left above has integrated nothing onto its body. Horns and tail nubs are rubber-like texture. They have no affinities, weaknesses, or resistances.
  • Scrapgoat on bottom right has integrated several electronic shielding panels into itself. Their resulting "coat" of armor shields them from heat, cold, magnetic waves and electricity. The shed armor can be worn or used by other species.
  • Top middle Scrapgoat has integrated musical instruments into itself. They are able to emit sound waves and are invaluable in detecting precious minerals underground.
  • Top right Scrapgoat has integrated several LEDs into itself. They now host an array of aesthetically pleasing organic LEDs of varying sizes, shapes and colors.
  • Middle left is a Diogoat, a hybrid of a Satyr and Scrapgoat. This one has integrated several pieces of wire into its body. Its diet causes the fruit growing on its body to contain high levels of metal.


Scrapgoats are composed of biological material found in any average organic individual. They are physically similar to Satyrs, Rock Candies, and Sea dragons.

Heterochromia occurs with 90% frequency. This does not affect their vision.


Scrapgoats can reproduce with any physically similar species. As they change their physical forms in extreme ways, this allows for very diverse pairings.

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