[Beleth looking bored] [Andre looking proud of his graffiti]


Poison Drop
Tigoth 5
Astrological Sign
Common, Prattle
Last Known Location
First Appearance
Part 2 of Itchy Itchy

An epidemiologist from Topside! Hired by Andre to stop an epidemic in Trebol.


Itchy Itchy

Median was hired by Andre stop a disease that ran rampant through Trebol. After Andre heard her requests, she was given Buer, Beleth and Biff (a.k.a. The B-Team, according to Andre) to command.

Under Median's guidance, the source of the disease was located, and she made arrangements to have it removed and taken care of. Shortly afterward, they came under attack by an angel, but it was driven off by the combined efforts of Biff, Beleth and Andre.

The attack left Median in critical but stable condition, and Pride brought her back to normal.

Afterward, Median's Undertaker acquaintance revealed to her the secrets of Izagesia, which she would need to create a cure for the epidemic.

Broken Toy

Median prescribed a one-week vacation for Biff and Beleth. She prescribed one for Buer as well, but Buer felt no need to take one.

She was called on again by Andre in order to create a custom cure for Beleth, but she was too far away to make it in time. She instructed Beleth that they would have to stop the spread of the disease in that body in order to prevent the spread of it to their other body.

A Favor

Median returned to Hellside to give Dr. Marrow another TBTE (Itchy Itchy) vaccine formula. Median asked the doctor to help her investigate a disease in Heaven's Keys, which greatly resembled TBTE.