[Beleth looking bored] [Andre looking proud of his graffiti]


Genderfluid: She/Her (Seeds), He/Him (Itchy Itchy / Broken Toy / This Means WAR)
Tigoth 25
Astrological Sign
Spirit, ???
Common, Prattle
Last Known Location
Pike, Hellside
First Appearance
Part 2 of Itchy Itchy

Official title: Marquis Bifrons

Loves zombies. Has an army of zombies. Also loves: Mummies, chocolate malt, horror


Itchy Itchy


Biff came to Trebol at Andre's request in order to help rid Trebol of the Itchy Itchy epidemic. He, along with Beleth, managed to locate the source of the disease.

When Biff, Beleth, Median, and her Undertaker acquaintance came under attack from an angel, his Singing Rabbat zombie, Loppy, was invaluable in suppressing the angel long enough for help to arrive.


Biff's task was corpse reanimation and disposal. He gave out party hats imbued with zombifying magic and instructed volunteers to simply place them atop the heads of any corpse they could find. He also told volunteers that angry zombies were a possibility, and to simply hit them over the head to pacify them.

Broken Toy

After being prescribed a weeks' vacation by Median, Biff made plans to visit his parents and see Zombie 2: Zombier and Aliens High School Invasion with Beleth. Biff was the first to notice that something was potentially wrong with Beleth.

After Beleth was quarantined to the broom closet, Biff remained nearby to offer whatever emotional support he could.

Monsters from Monsters

Biff receives a mysterious letter and ends up taking a grand tour of the home of a well known TV celebrity.

This Means WAR!

Through a series of unfortunate events, Biffs inadvertently starts a war.

Seeds: War is Hell

Biff and Loppy find a familiar face on Pike. She leads Loppy on where to go and then head off elsewhere.