[Beleth looking bored] [Andre looking proud of his graffiti]


Uniqorn Demon
Doth 8
Astrological Sign
Prattle, Gnawth
Who knows?
Place of origin
Current Location
Spoke City, Hellside
First Appearance
Seeds: A Mini Story Chapter 5 page 22
Seriously unfunny

Amdusias is the leader of The Blinds, and as such, top servant of the Templar. She spends nearly every moment working for the protection of the Blackjack Isles. She gives out Bweehorses to anyone who asks for one.


Broken Toy

Amdusias was infuriated by Beleth's slacking-off during the Itchy Itchy crisis and decided to pay them a visit. She invited herself into their house, and ended up scaring Beleth away. She then rifled through their belongings and, when Beleth came back, proceeded to verbally reprimand them.

While this was going on, a curse placed upon her earlier by Pride activated, and Bweehorses started to swarm her.

Days later, she put in a request to have Beleth transferred to her command in order to improve their skills and attitude, which was granted by Andre.

Before You Know It

With her newly appointed assistant, Amdusias head back to her home. Along the way, she shares a song with Orobas.

Seeds: A Mini Story

Chapter 5

Amdusias led the assault on the atrocity with Orobas and Beleth, and they successfully drove the atrocity back to where it came from.

Seeds: War is Hell

Draft V

In the aftermath of Furfur's latest home remodeling, Amdusias and her crew have no choice but to stand back and watch forces beyond their control.

Draft IV

In the aftermath of Furfur's latest home remodeling, Amdusias waits for Naberius to show up to help Orobas. In the meantime, a rabbat arrives to sing her a song.

The Prophecy

Amdusias and Orobas reflect on their purpose in life.

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