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Mon Dec 17, 2018
Mon Dec 17, 2018


I've got some video updates coming. I thought today-- Dec 17th, aka the Death of Tumblr -- was a good day to post the cover to the update set that encapsulates hands-down the worst part of my life, enabled by how quickly Tumblr spreads gossip and bad feelings, with virtually no way to combat any damage or to correct any misinformation.

It's weird to look back on Tumblr. It has so much potential for good -- that many people took advantage of! Rallying for good causes, helping people understand themselves, spreading information about different parts of the world... but like. Holy shit. There is SO much capacity for unfettered malice in some people, and Tumblr is the tool of choice for how easy it's been to abuse.

How do you even begin to approach that kind of thing? People love spreading upsetting feelings that let others feel justified in hatred, and they love picking a side on an issue or stepping on someone else to show how good they are. Tumblr is so good at enabling that unfortunate side of humanity.

So like... I don't know. I hope something can be learned from it. I guess that's all you can do when something that's hurt you a lot starts to die. Honor the good parts, but don't forget the bad parts, lest history repeat itself.