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Itchy Itchy: Prompt

Hello everyone! New songs from this piece can be found on the bandcamp EP, Bombs & Bodies.

About 2 days left on the Kickstarter! Right now, everyone who pledges for the physical book gets a couple of cute sticker sheets. We'll also be adding a special epilogue because of hitting that goal! But… there's another stretch goal. Buttons, for free, from Itchy Itchy, of Beleth and Andre… with every book order! Can we reach 20,000 and achieve that? Who knows! Let's find out! Maybe there'll be some Itchy Itchy stickers, too…?

Ah, but besides that! The prompt. What a lot of you have been eagerly awaiting! Yes, Floraverse is an entirely open world and you're free to use any of it as you please, so long as you also keep in mind people can use your Flora creations as they please!

First, some details and information. You might have some questions, such as "How do we participate in the prompt?", "What does a Barometz look like?", "What is a Jack?", "How do our characters get into Trebol?" and "Why does Andre do things Andre does?"

Maybe you're also wondering what Trebol looks like around the island. Maybe you wanna know what the cities look like, too. Maybe you want to know about the plants, the animals that live there. Well, we'll be providing enough of those references so that you all should feel comfortable jumping in and telling stories with your characters! Here's going to be the breakdown: Trebol's going to get references for places, plants, and animals that live among the island. When? Two of the three update days of the week for the next month or two. I'll be starting with the most important ones, like the Jacks and Barometz and Mandrakes -- the ones that are relevant to the prompt. Everything else is flavor intended to help you immerse yourself in the island of Trebol.

How long's the prompt gonna last? Til August 31st. What does this matter? Well…

We're going to rework this site so that we can feature community works. We have a deviantART group for it, but that's not an ideal hub. Which community works will we feature? Well, that's kind of where our discerning eyes come in, and also the time limit. We'd like to feature the most creative stories, ones with a lot of effort. But we also can't just be waiting around for submissions forever! So please follow the instructions on the dA group in order to submit works that will be reviewed when the time limit is up, if you'd like to be considered for a feature. It can be illustrated, written, sung, stuck in visual novel format, whatever. As long as it's creative. Keep updated with the dA group for more info!

Speaking of references, I'm going to be posting species sheets, as well. My goal is one new one every week or two, as one of the two references for the week. So the schedule will look something like this…

Monday: visual novel story piece (like Itchy Itchy's pieces) - Wednesday: Trebol references - Friday: species sheet, or another Trebol reference

This way there won't be a dry spell of stories while references are released. The story chunks are around 10-11 pages each, so they're pretty lengthy and will take me a weekend to compile and work on. We'll be keeping this schedule up for a while until I think Trebol has enough references - then I'll be figuring out something else, or maybe I'll just move onto Cardios references, etc.

What story's next, you wonder? Basically Itchy Itchy Chapter 2: The Belethening. That's right! Beleth's going to be featured in the stories for a while until we get back to Min and Cress. I'm ultra excited to share these tales with you, so I hope you'll enjoy them!