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Imps Species

Trick or Treat, hold the treat - Imps

Important Notes from Kadath University! Read and understand before proceeding!

  • Please be aware that the term “Imp” is unofficial at best, and inaccurate at worst. “Imp” is used to describe individuals who would otherwise be known as “Demon”, which is yet another unofficial term.

The defining difference between an “Imp” and a “Demon“ is that all Imps possess the ability to procreate with non-demon individuals, whereas Demons cannot.

Offspring with at least one Imp for a biological parent have always been Imps themselves, usually with physical features one could expect from a pairing of non-Imp, non-Demon parents.

The reason for sterility and/or the inability on behalf of Demons to produce Demon offspring is unknown, and comparing Imps to Demons in this area currently reveals no useful information.

To clarify: Imps are classified as Demons able to produce like-offspring with any physically viable individual. *

Common elements:

Imps of every primary and secondary element have been documented, with no apparent disposition or aptitude for any specific one. Favored elemental affinities do exist among certain Imp communities, but those are due to environmental influences.

One example can be seen in Polaris, as many Imps residing there possess affinities matching the elements most commonly found within the island.

Hereditary magic:

Imps readily inherit affinities from each parent, with no element being favored over another, except in cases of environmental influence.

One common example is in the case of a Water-Imp parent and a Sand-Imp parent. If they produce offspring while residing in a desert, the offspring usually inherits the Sand affinity. If the parents reside in or near a body of water, the offspring usually inherits the Water affinity.

The previous example takes extreme environmental conditions into consideration. There is no reason the offspring would be unable to inherit both affinities instead of one.

Elemental weakness:

Spirit: Imps in general are susceptible to the effects of Spirit, even more so if the element is mixed with the Imp’s own affinity. Reactions vary and are entirely dependent on the individual Imp.

PSI: If the Imps themselves do not possess PSI as an affinity, then they are susceptible to PSI. The most common detrimental effects are feelings of general annoyance, paranoia, and the inability to concentrate.

Elemental resistance:

Varies: If not mixed with Spirit in a detrimental fashion, Imps are normally resistant to anything matching their own affinity. The level of resistance varies, but is usually high.

Common examples include Lava-Imps being unharmed by lava, Water-Imps being able to breathe underwater, and Earth-Imps being able to withstand extreme pressures.

Common locations:

One should keep in mind that Imps are a relatively rare species and have no innate sense of community, and what is considered a large Imp population is not considered so for a more common race, such as the Commons Foxes.

Imps can be found all over Owel, but usually congregate near places of abundant elemental magic. Larger populations can be found in any location where Demons or entrances to Hellside are present.

Climate preference:

Preferences vary, but are usually based on an Imp’s individual tastes and affinity. Areas devoid of magic, such as Mew York, are considered unfavorable by Imps.


  • It is no coincidence that Imps are named such. Many of them delight in playing jokes and tricks on all around them, and many do not readily consider the well-being of their intended targets. Despite that, malice is rarely if ever a motivator for Imps.

  • Many citizens on Owel hold the belief that Imps are always lacking in the height department, but they are mistaken. Although many of the known Imps are relatively short, it is not a requirement that they be so. Some of the largest citizens of Topside and Hellside are Imps.

  • It is not polite to ask an Imp for favors based solely on their affinity. Asking a Lava-Imp to swim through lava usually results in a lava-themed prank being played upon the one who requested the favor.

  • Despite what they may tell you, Imps are not sterile and can produce offspring with any physically compatible individual. Do not fall for their deceptions.

  • Imps, like Demons, are usually very self-interested and will often choose friendships that benefit them in some way. If an Imp finds someone useful, they are far more likely to attempt building up a relationship with them. Imps are not innately manipulative, however, and this selection process is mostly subconscious.

  • Imps despise being judged based on their looks, and dislike being considered anything but a normal individual. Considering them special, unusual, strange, weird, etc., even as a compliment is seen as rude and is the quickest way to break off their friendship.