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Mon Nov 21, 2016
Mon Nov 21, 2016

hey all! so... some news

I've posted about this before on my twitter and tumblr, but I'm working on a game with my friend eric! it's a little music-based rhythm-y game, and it's very quirky

but the thing is, working on it takes a lot of time since I'm doing all the art and music for it, even if it'll be a kind of small game in the end - and I currently definitely do not have the mental energy to devote myself to it in the time it needs with the current state of things going on everywhere

so I'm going to be cutting back on comic updates when I resume them -- there will be a Monday and Friday update, and the Wednesday update will be some kind of short story or worldbuilding post or something like that, with some small accompanying doodles from me in order to ease the burden a little! I didn't want to abolish the wednesday update altogether, but I have to cut back on the updates that I put out on both comic sites I manage in order to have enough time to work on this game. when the game development is done, I'll be able to resume my normal work schedule here.

I super duper appreciate everyone's patience and understanding in the meantime -- I had to just realize that it's okay that I can't do everything at 110% power all the time, and it took a few days of reflection to figure out where I needed to cut back -- for now! but I'm really hoping the experience will be fun and enjoyable when we release it... please look forward to it, if weird story-music-game experiences are your thing!