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Lexy's Labyrinth

Hello! It's Eevee. Things have been a little rough for me in recent months, so I hid in a cave and made a Chip's Challenge emulator. If you're not familiar, that's an old-school puzzle game about collecting macguffins and pushing blocks around and getting to the exit.

I made new artwork completely from scratch to avoid legal issues, so now you play as Lexy (and sometimes Cerise), which means it's technically set in Flora! And technically true is the best kind of true.

It is basically great in every way:

  • A whole mountain of levels built right in, seriously it's over 800

  • The ability to load any other levels — including the official ones, if you get Chip's Challenge 1 (free) or Chip's Challenge 2 ($5) on Steam

  • Undo and rewind, which were never in the original games but extremely should've been, you have no idea how many times I screwed up a level by fat-fingering a block into a corner

  • Score and completion tracking

  • Pretty alright support for playing on a phone

  • Entirely new artwork, music, and sound effects — but if you really want to you can also load custom artwork

  • A level editor built right in, so you can make your own puzzles and pass them around just by sharing a link

  • Various advanced stuff for turbo nerds, like the ability to more closely emulate particular versions of the game

  • Did I mention you play as Lexy

Hope you enjoy, if puzzle games are your thing! And maybe even if they're not. I recommend starting with the simpler CCLP1, or with Lexy's Lessons if you want to dive right into the entire pile of stuff that was added in Chip's Challenge 2.

➡️ https://c.eev.ee/lexys-labyrinth/ ⬅️