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Hey everyone! The game Eevee and I have been working on is finally done!

You can grab it off of itch.io right here!

Consider tossing a couple bucks at us if you're feeling generous and supportive - we put basically all of our past week + of existence into this thing and it'd mean a lot to us! (But of course, it's there for free if you can't afford tossing a buck or two!)

If you do throw a couple bucks at us, though, it comes with some concept art and the OST, along with unused tile scraps. I hope you'll enjoy perusing!

Anyway, I'm super excited for everyone to try it out. In case you get stuck or forget what keys to push, you'll need E, D, and S on your keyboard. (It also should work with controller configurations too! But uh, different buttons. Like A and B and L and stuff.)

It's about half an hour to see everything from start to finish if you know what to do. There's no save function though because it's a short game!

Anyway, enjoy! I'm really excited for you guys to play it!

(Oh, and you can find the album here, too, even if you don't get it off of itch.io)

HEY: If you downloaded within the first hour, please download again! We fixed a game-breaking bug.

Version 1.1 is now out, and fixes the slowdown while indoors!