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Under Construction

Hey all! This is my and Eevee's first completed game together. You ought to go take a look at the blog post Eevee wrote about it if you're curious how it came about!

(While you're at it, you could consider pledging to either of our Patreons, as well. Eevee and I put a lot of work into this! And Patreon's how we make our living. Thank you!)

Aside from that, this game might be a little difficult. I'll be releasing an instructions manual soon.

Here's the pico-8 cart in case you have pico-8 and want to run it on your computer for some reason instead of using Javascript.

By the way, there's a bug we can't do a thing about where it crashes if you're on a Mac and are using Chrome, so use some other browser!

It takes between a half hour and an hour to beat for the first time, for most people.

If you get stuck or frustrated, remember to visit your friend.

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