[Beleth looking bored] [Andre looking proud of his graffiti]

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Wishbone! Floraverse 7 year anniversary

Happy 7th anniversary! We've been planning and working around story for Eastar for roughly a year now, and we're finally gearing up for... actually releasing some prompts. Whew! If you're interested, the Discord is where related discussion happens / will be happening.

Sorry updates have been a bit on the slow side for a while now! I keep a lot of my posts to the Patreon channels in my Discords, because that's just where I'm comfortable posting story and sketches lately. Apologies to casual readers who are wondering where "normal" story has been. I promise it's being worked on, but I've got a handful of projects in the works now. The switch from constant comics to other projects has been a bit rough, but overall I am way happier this way. Still, I'd like to get back to regularly releasing updates soon enough. Thanks for 7 years, and hopefully many more to come.