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Turf Tiger

War just means they like you.

Intelligent, fierce, prone to changing their minds, and incredibly stubborn. If they're not currently at war with someone over something, they'll see to starting one soon enough.

Hereditary influence: Low

Environmental influence: High

Native to: Owel

Language: No native language

Ability to reason: High

Climate preference: Varies

Found in: Smaller towns and cities


Affinities: Varies

Turf Tigers are highly adaptable to their environment. Their affinity can change in as little as a year by living in an area not aligned with their current affinity. They usually have a "favorite" affinity however, and tend to stick with it.

Weaknesses: Varies

Resistances: Varies

Turf Tigers are very adept at fighting, and terms like "weakness" and "resistance" do not fully apply. They are often aware of the pros and cons of their individual affinities and will go to great lengths to compensate for them in order to be more effective in an upcoming war.


Turf Tigers love battle more than anything, and they love community almost more than anything (Fashion is a close second). They value individualism and speaking one's mind, and they believe everyone's opinions are equally valid. Until a war breaks out over those opinions and a victor emerges. Then the victor's opinion is the correct and best one.

Until war breaks out again.

And again. ... You get the idea.

Although they have a tendency to escalate even the most trivial of situations into a declaration of war, they feel a great fondness for and bond with those they declare war on. These feelings are so strong it has shaped their very beings, giving them an innate ability that most Kadath's researchers would love to get their hands on.

Ability: War?

Turf Tigers specialize in the practical application of nonlethal battle tactics, be they magical or physical in nature. When at war, all forms of combat in that war, whatever they may be, are rendered completely incapable of causing grievous or permanent injury to anyone subjected to them.

Everlasting curses are diminished to a tiny fragment of their intended duration. Fireballs normally hot enough to melt rocks merely knock the victim senseless. Deadly poisons result in temporary unconsciousness. Bone-shattering impacts cause severe dizziness.

How all of this works...nobody knows. Not even the turf tigers. They aren't complaining, though, as it means they can have as many wars with each other as they like. After all, if everyone's dead, there's no one left to fight with, you know?


Purebred turf tigers are relatively short: usually no more than three or four feet tall.


Turf tigers are compatible with many other species, and hybrids are very plentiful as a result.

  • Thistle Tiger - with Flowercat (top middle left)
  • Tomb Tiger - with Necropossum (bottom left)
  • Surf Tiger - with Vanguard (top middle right)
  • Glam Tiger - with Rock Candies (top right)
  • Stripe Goat - with Scrapgoat (bottom middle)
  • Truce Tiger - with Clover Lamb (bottom right)
  • Pygmy Tiger - Also known as a Taiga Tiger on Topside. Related to Turf Tigers but seem to lack the warlust of their cousin species.

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