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Sparkling Dog

Common elements: Sparkling Dogs are a very newly discovered species, they originally come from Cenastre & most were really powerful wizards, but they had to escaped from Cenastre after the major accidents there caused the land to be no longer safe to live in. They were a hidden species in Cenastre which is why no one has heard of them until they immigrated to Owel with the rest of the other species. Alot of them have been seen to possess nearly all elements at once, but not water. They don’t like getting wet but they’re ok with it as long as they aren’t forced to take a shower!

Hereditary magic: Sparkling Dogs get ALOT of magic from their family which is why family is so important to them! My Sparkling Dog OC was going to learn all its magic from its parents but during the major accident his parents were killed, and he was forced to make his way alone to the coast. The accident took place in his hometown first so he had to outrun it, it took him over a year but he was able to do it with a strong will and dedication to make his parents memory live on forever in him. he has a sister too but they don’t get along and she went on her own with her bffs.

Elemental weaknesses: Sparkling Dogs like all magic and since most of them are powerful mages they’re able to do almost any element, but water is one they kind of don’t like. It doesn’t hurt them or anything it just makes them annoyed (they get anooyed when they’re wet) which usually increases their magical abilities so it’s not really a weakness or a good idea to use water on them.

Elemental resistances: They’re the best at PSI and Spirit because they’re in tune with mother nature & earth, so they’re actually also really good at earth element in general. they love to read minds and find out your secrets, but they’re really good at guarding their own secrets since they usually have a lot of things on their mind.

Common locations: They came from Cenastre but most can now be found in a hidden village in one of Owel’s forests, I’m not saying which one because this is my closed species. it’s a forest though and its near the mountains, because they like to keep hidden because a lot of ppl will try to steal a lot of their secrets, the magical ones.

Climate preference: Sparkling Dogs like ALL weather! They really love warm sunny days because they love their friends and their family and love to go to the beach and just hang out and play, but the beach can’t be too crowded because Sparkling Dogs HATE crowds and people who fling sand everywhere because they’re not watching what their doing.

Sentience: Sparkling Dogs are really smart, and are probably the smartest species on Owel because they came from Cenastre, where a biologist specially engineered them for intelligence and magic using. the biologist was killed a long time ago though and his lab and all of his secrets were burned down in the same fire that killed him.

Language: Sparkling Dogs can speak all languages because they’re really good at PSI which is mind reading, so they can use PSI to absorb all knowledge from anyone who wants to talk to them whether they like it or not. a Sparkling Dog would generally not do that if they don’t want to though because they’re all really nice and hate mean people.

Trivia: Sparkling Dogs like their friends & their family and will protect them, at any cost. even if its their own life is the cost. They may seem like they wouldn’t because they’re always happy and laughing all the time but i’m serious and so are they if you threaten their friends and/or family. you just don’t do it and a lot of other species and even monsters on Owel know this already because some have already tried. Sparkling Dogs usually have grey eyes and grey hair but sometimes a special Sparkling Dog is born with one blue eye and one red eye and that usually means they’re exceptionally powerful warlocks, and are usually seen of as kings by other sparkling Dogs and even some other non-Sparkling Dogs. Kadath is constantly looking for the Sparklings dogs’ village because they know that the Sparkling Dogs have the greatest magical secrets and powerful that Kadath has ever seen, and they’re jealous and want to steal their secrets for themselves. this is why Sparkling Dogs hide their villages in forests and mountains. Sparkling Dogs LOVE candy and soda and most of them don’t like vegetables like brussels sprouts and broccoli or asparagus. some like spicy foods though but only if its not from a vegetable, like sriracha or tabasco, those are two good examples of spicy food they like. Sparkling Dogs love fashion and to read so a lot can be seen with glasses, and they are very social and love learning so a lot of them can be seen running around in their school uniforms. they try to get good grades but don’t like h/w or studying so they don’t do that, and they’re still able to get As on tests.