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Singing Rabbat

If you’re visited by one of these fellows, you’re about to get a prophecy! And a song! It may not be an important prophecy, and the song may not necessarily be good, but they’re both for you, and the Singing Rabbat probably traveled a great distance to give them to you.

Singing Rabbats are from Eastar, but can be found all over the world, especially in mild, agreeable climates.

Hereditary influence: High

Environmental influence: High

Language: Rabble

Singing Rabbats are able to sing messages to any individual, regardless of whether or not they share a common spoken language. Only Singing Rabbats possess this ability; hybrid Rabbats have difficulty with Rabble and non-Rabbats are unable to sing Rabble at all.

Ability to reason: Very high

Climate preference: Temperate

Native to: Eastar

Found in: Singing Rabbats are rare, but they can be found in any hospitable region of Eastar or Owel.



Nearly all will be Air, or an Air subtype. Hybrids are more likely to have more than one affinity, or a non-Air affinity.


Rabbats are very familiar with Sound, and this familiarity comes at the cost of being especially susceptible to any of its negative effects.


Singing Rabbats are moderately resistant to Air and its subtypes. Hybrid Rabbats often do not share this resistance.



When Singing Rabbats dream, there is a chance the dream will involve a song being sung to them. The song is always without lyrics, consisting of just melodies and tones. This song is the form their prophecies take, and they’re always for the individual who sang it to them in the dream. Singing Rabbats will usually attempt to seek this individual out and sing this song back to them. If this happens, that individual and the Singing Rabbat will share a dream detailing the events of the prophecy. If more than one individual hears the Singing Rabbat’s song, the prophecy and dream will be shared among all of them.

There’s nothing that says Singing Rabbats must deliver prophecies. Maybe a prophecy was received by a particularly unmotivated, or lazy Rabbat? It’s not unheard of!

Rabbats only inform individuals of their prophecies; they will still come to pass even if they’re never sung.

Most of the time, the prophecies told are fairly trivial. Maybe you’ll find some money tomorrow. Maybe you’ll win a carnival prize. Maybe you’ll stub your toe and break a claw. Who knows? Of course, you can also be told you’ll win the lottery, or fall into a volcano, but prophecies that important are rare.

Though Singing Rabbats have seen their target in their dream, this doesn’t mean the Singing Rabbats know their target’s name or where they live, though! For this reason, Singing Rabbats are usually never in the same place for more than a couple of days.

Nobody knows why Singing Rabbats are vessels of (usually) trivial prophecies, but they do know it’s because they’re Singing Rabbats. Hybrid Rabbats don’t get nearly as many prophetic songs, and individuals who are less than half Singing Rabbat rarely get any, if they ever do.


Singing Rabbats and their hybrids have no definite body shape, but they will almost always have traits dedicated to dealing with sound. Large ears, more than two ears, and specialized ears are usually giveaways that the individual is either a Singing Rabbat or a hybrid of one.


Singing Rabbats are vegetarian, and will become sick if they eat meat. Hybrid Rabbats do not usually share this restriction, unless whatever they’re a hybrid of is also vegetarian.


Singing Rabbats can reproduce with nearly any individual of compatible physiology regardless of species. They are not as prolific as Imps, but they’re close. For this reason, and the fact that pure Singing Rabbats are rare, far more hybrids exist than do purebreds. Singing Rabbats do not choose mates for life, as their tendency to travel the world to deliver prophecies is not ideal for a stable relationship.

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