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Sea Dragon

Locations, common: Waterside cities, islands, open water

Climate preference: Any

Notes: Sea Dragons are a very nautical race, and are happy in any climate as long as they have a large body of water nearby.

Language: Shanty

Place of origin: Glissod

Hereditary influence: Unknown

Notes: Since Sea Dragons change so slowly, it is difficult to judge whether or not genetics play a large part in their affinity.

Environmental influence: Low

Notes: Although it took decades of Sea Dragons volunteering their time and information, it is known that they can change affinities from one primary element to another. Sea Dragons keep their Crystal affinity throughout these changes.


Common: Water, Air, Earth, Crystal*

Notes: Whether Sea Dragons have one affinity or two, they will almost always have a Crystal affinity. Sea Dragons without Crystal as an affinity are usually a mixed or hybrid species. Beyond that, Sea Dragons are a very earth-based species and will usually have Water, Air, or Earth for their non-Crystal affinity.

Uncommon: Ice, Storm, Clay

Notes: The next most common affinities found in Sea Dragons are usually mixes of Water, Air, or Earth. Sea Dragon affinities tend not to deviate from these elements.

Rare: Any not previously listed

Notes: As Sea Dragons live for a very long time and are extremely resistant to environmental influences, a Sea Dragon with an affinity not previously mentioned is a rare occurrence.

Weaknesses, common: Plasma, Acid, Poison

Notes: Sea Dragons are a hardy species, and with the exception of the above listed elements, they are able to mitigate the harmful effects of other elements. Plasma, Acid, and Poison have the ability to erode the physical and mental resilience and vitality of Sea Dragons.

Resistances, common: All except listed weaknesses, Spirit

Notes: Sea Dragons' bodies are comprised of a type of wood and organic metal, and they have many qualities that are inherent to those materials. It is very difficult to physically damage a Sea Dragon.


  • Most Sea Dragons do not physically heal on their own. They instead employ crystals that act as a catalyst for the healing process. This drains the crystal's "energy", and will eventually render the crystal powerless. Sea Dragons are able to tell which crystals still contain power.

  • Sea Dragons love hoarding items, which they usually refer to as treasure. However, their "treasure" may not be treasure in the traditional sense, such as valuable coins, gems or priceless artifacts. It can be anything that interests them.

  • Sea Dragons have no qualms with stealing to increase the size of their hoard, and will often take up pirating to do so.

  • Sea Dragons are not violent by nature, and tend to fight only if the fight is brought to them. All things considered, they are generally very polite. It is not uncommon for a Sea Dragon pirate to steal a ship and see its crew safely to shore.

  • The oldest known Sea Dragon lived to be 597 years old before succumbing to decapitation during a tragic boating accident. It is unknown how long a Sea Dragon's natural lifespan is.

  • When a Sea Dragon dies, their body decomposes and leaves behind a pile of wood and metal shavings.

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