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Hereditary influence: High

Notes: If set to None, Low, or Medium will interfere with revealeons' ability to replicate themselves and can result in spontaneous combustion, explosion, implosion, or a combination of all three. Best keep this set to High.

Environmental influence: High

Notes: Having this set to None, Low, or Medium will not interfere with the health or well-being of revealeons, but will render them completely unable to produce results, whatever that may be. Having this set to Very High will result in poor-quality results.

Language: Leon

Notes: The Leon language is updated every 4-5 months on average.

Ability to reason: High

Notes: Having this set to None, Low, or Medium will result in revealeons unable to perform their main objective or perform it well. This must be kept at very high to encourage dynamic decision making.

Climate preference: Varies

Notes: Preference only. Revealeons are highly varied and may live anywhere on Owel.

Native to: Owel

Notes: ...Technically, this is correct.

Found in: All over Owel, mostly in uninhabited regions.

Notes: Revealeons have an innate desire to explore largely-uninhabited areas to see interesting and unusual sights. Larger cities such as Althar, Mew York, NPO, and Gnawth are not home to large numbers of revealeons.


Affinities: Any

Notes: Spirit and Psi are extremely rare in revealeons. The last known cases of such affinities were near PM_8_k but not have been heard from recently.

Weaknesses: Varies, dependent on revealeon.

Notes: Manually introducing weaknesses results in corruption. Revealeons may change elemental weaknesses on their own without this effect.

Resistances: Varies, dependent on Revealeon.

Notes: Manually introducing resistances results in retrograde amnesia. Revealeons may change their elemental resistances on their own without this effect.



Revealeons are solitary creatures, but do rarely form small communities consisting of 2-20 individuals. They are extremely shy, and will often flee from any individual that attempts to approach them. Communities are mostly formed when a large number of revealeons congregate in one area. This usually implies something of great importance or remarkable interest resides within the area.

Revealeons will become less shy toward specific individuals the more they observe them. When around other sentient individuals revealeons thoroughly enjoy disguising themselves as various objects and other wildlife, and will quickly flee from the are if attention is drawn to them.

Surveilleons are variants of revealeons and are far more solitary. They have no desire to form communities. They have no desire to interact with other individuals, regardless of species. Not much is known about them yet.

Abilities: Eye Spy

A Revealeons are able to observe and completely memorize their surrounding environment. They are then able to replay this observation, or memory, in the form of taking on the appearance of anything with it. Their memories are not perfect, however, and the forms they take on are typically flawed in some way. Usually, they will sport several eyes (or one larger-than-normal eye) and a curled tail on whatever it is they are attempting to look like.

If they do not periodically refresh their memory, their appearance will start to degrade over time.

  • Top left revealeon has spent most of its life exploring the Aurorian wilderness and has acquired colors that allow it to blend in more easily with the taiga environment.
  • Top middle left spent a substantial amount of time obseving the natives of Croon Fens and its body has taken on warning colors similar to them.
  • Top middle right spent much of its time in and around Neon Lake. Its body has changed shape to resemble the native kelp.
  • Middle left has an interest in flowers, as its body has changed to resemble a variant of sunflower.
  • Middle had a great fondness for Charcoal Chickens.
  • Top right has taken the shape of an Aurorian wildberry, though its memory is not totally accurate.
  • Bottom right insists on being referred to only as Strawberry Man. When a new version of itself is created, it is referred to as Strawberry Lad.
  • Middle right has the perfect camouflage of an unsuspecting log. It prefers to roll away rather than run from danger.
  • Bottom left appears to appreciate the art of faberge eggs and baking, and has changed its body shape to reflect its tastes.
  • Middle ....are they a bunch of grapes or disguised as a single grape within a bunch of grapes? Only time will tell.


Revealeons vary wildly in size, shape, and color, but always have at least one eye (or other visual organ) and curled tail.

Surveilleons also vary in size, shape, color, and have one curled tail, but differ in other ways. This is also unknown at the moment.


Revealeons reproduce via Holo-Genesis.

When a revealeon has determined it has observed enough of its environment, it will project a (scaled down) holographic image of itself, and begin uploading its observation to that program. As observations are transferred, the hologram changes shape and begins to take physical form. Eventually, the hologram becomes its own revealeon, with its own appearance and personality, based on the observations that were transferred to it during creation.

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