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Docile, friendly, and possessing a sweet voice, Melodingos make good pets for anyone who just wants a pleasant companion. As a bonus, they can be trained to bark tunes. There are competitions where Melodingo owners have their pets sing complex songs. The size and color of the Melodingo determines what kind of voice and range it will have. They can even be trained to sing different tunes to communicate different things - a "let's go for a walk" song will be different than a "please feed me" song! It's not uncommon to take your Melodingo to a trainer in order to have it become effective at communicating basic needs and wants.



A mutation of the Melodingo, the Smelodingo is similar in temperament and attitude. However, Smelodingos are mute. Instead of barking, they communicate through releasing a colorful scent trail from their tail which, when inhaled, causes a melody to be "smelled". Different scents correspond to different needs and wants and moods. You'll find it hard to ignore a Smelodingo's annoyance, as well; foul, long-lasting odors with a horrible dissonant song are a choice weapon against an owner who's getting on a Smelodingo's nerves. Their scent trails can actually be collected and stored for later use, magical or otherwise.

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