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Glump Roller

These guys roll up and consume waste products. Usually they're earth affinity and consume feces of other critters, but variants exist that consume other kinds of waste. For example, air affinity glump rollers may consume pollution, and poison affinity might consume toxic materials. These guys are responsible for keeping cities tidy and habitable.

Ability to Plan/Abstract:

All glump rollers are able to plan but most of the times it seems like only the females are able to do something actually smart. The males usually go by instinct.

Diet: They eat feeces/ waste they roll up and eat decaying plants from time to time.

Native language: Common

Native to: Anyplace where there is waste, except for areas with a lot of water. Glump rollers prefer dry climates with no rain.

Size: 3 ft to 5 ft( adults)


Earth, Fire, Air

  • Glump rollers absolutely hate water seeing how it most of the times ruins their handiwork. They also cannot swim and see water as their major enemy.

  • Sub elements are very rare for glump rollers and most who do have a sub element don't spend their life rolling up waste and eating it. They usually have a respectable job in society, and get along better with other animals than their main element glump rollers.

  • Glump rollers with two elements have a choice on either being a janitor for the rest of their life or have a regular job. Strangely enough though, most of them end up rolling up waste just like the main element glump rollers.


  • Glump rollers are known as the janitors. They roll up waste into a ball and eat it. Sometimes, during mating season, the females will lay eggs in the ball where the larvae will grow. The young glump rollers will then eat their way out of the ball and stick with their parents until they develop a hard shell.

  • Earth glump rollers are known to roll up and eat the feeces of animals but the fire and air glump rollers are quite different. Fire glump rollers roll up waste left by magic and then dine on that instead, the poisonous waste getting broken down in their acidic stomachs (Thus where they get their names). They do not eat just waste from fire magic but other elements too and usually stick to one element to eat. Air glump rollers roll a sphere around themselves and purify it through the holes in their shells. They tend to be very shy and don't really show themselves around a lot.

  • Glump rollers are not very welcomed among society because of their unhygienic state and because of their job as cleaners. Despite this though, they are very proud of their work and consider themselves as saviors of the planet. They are also very possessive of their ball of waste and if one was to get to close the glump roller would nervously guard it with it's life.

  • Hybrids among glump rollers are near impossible since most creatures do not like being near these smelly dirty beetles, and even if one was to be born they would either not live very long or have a disability for the rest of their life.

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