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Forge Beetle

These guys maintain peace in forests as they manage forges. They will attack prison behemoths on site.

Common Locations:

The most common place to find Forge Beetles is in Forge; a ginormous underground chasm, carved out by Forge Beetles long ago and ever expanding in search of raw materials. Forge is one big Metal works factory, Chimney stacks rise up to the surface where unbreathable gases are exchanged with breathable ones. Trade with Forge takes place in a market located directly above Forge.

Climate Preference:

Forge Beetles prefer the extreme heats of their home city and they barely venture to far into the outside world, They can however use underground tunnels to travel long distances if need be.

Ability to Plan/Abstract:

All Forge Beetles are capable of higher level thinking, this sentience and knowledge have allowed their kind to build the giant underground metal works, and expand in sufficient ways. They can also reason, rationalize, and understand abstract concepts and principles, this has made trade with other species an easy process.


Forge Beetles did not have a verbal language like most when first met, instead they made a series of clicks and whistles. But these days 95% of the species now speak Common.



Most Forge Beetles have either Earth, Fire, or both affinities. It is also common for a Forge Beetle to have a Lava affinity in place of either of the previous mentioned affinities or just Lava itself. In the rarest of cases Forge beetles have been known to possess affinities for Plasma or Crystal. It's not known what conditions are needed for a Forge Beetle to gain either of the rarer affinities and just seems to be a random occurrence.

Hereditary Magic:

All Forge Beetles are born without an element but instead have a high affinity to their Parents element, If one Parent has the rarer element; Plasma or Crystal it is unlikely the child will receive an affinity for it, as it seems to be a random occurrence from time to time in the species. It is during their seven year slumber, in the larvae stage of their lives, that they gain their element, and it is during their metamorphosis stage that the element they acquired become finalised in the young beetle's being.


Earth, Fire, Lava, Acid, Poison: Forge Beetles are fairly resilient to their species main affinities. Their exoskeletons are extremely durable and thick gaining them a moderate resistance to Acid, and a similar case with Poison; the heat generated in their bodies quickly burns Poisons before it has a chance to be of any effect.

Water, Ice: Forge Beetles are susceptible to decreases in body temperature, becoming unable to move and function properly if it drops too low. Severe internal temperature drops can cause Forge Beetles to go comatose.


  • Forge Beetles have a large variety of horns; from singular trunks with a crest on the end to pincers, they come in all shapes and sizes. Male horns are usually larger than Females.

  • A Forge Beetles colouration, in their final stage in life can be planned prior, by making their larvae stages sleeping chamber out of numerous and different materials/ores.

  • There is no "Class" system in Forge, rather each family works for the better of Forge, kind of like a hive- without the "Hive Mind" concept.

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