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Most common elements

Earth, Water, and Air. The flower present atop each Flowercat’s head has its own element, which usually (but not always) matches the Flowercat’s element.

Hereditary magic

Some magic is passed down from the parents, but the majority of it is passed down through flower hybridization. The environment also affects the Flowercats, which then affects their flowers even more, which eventually amplifies the noticeable elemental changes for the Flowercat. The flowers on their head contain genes for every previous flower in the Flowercat’s family line, and will sometimes result in a flower of an affinity completely unlike its Flowercat’s affinity, allowing for somewhat unorthodox elemental combinations.

Elemental weaknesses/resistances

The Flowercats themselves are not susceptible to any element in particular, but their flowers, and by proxy, they, can be. One example would be of a desert Flowercat possessing a succulent flower. The Flowercat could live in a damp, cold, rainy environment, as long as it took care to ensure the flower received proper care. If the flower were to grow ill as a result of that incompatible environment, the Flowercat could grow depressed, or start to lose its affinity for desert-like conditions, until it lost its flower entirely and grew a new, more compatible one.

Common locations

Flowercats are not native to Owel, but arrived in Dewclaw several dozens of generations ago, and is now considered to be their native homeland. Flowercats are curious, however, and can adjust to most climates, so it is not uncommon to spot them in any other part of Owel.

Climate preference

The Flowercats will generally live in areas most fitting and appropriate for their flowers. If their flower tolerates changes in weather well, they will usually choose any populated city of their liking, provided air pollution is not too high.


Nearly all Flowercats are sentient. Rumors of wild, feral Flowercats do exist, but none have been credibly documented.


Common, Plant


  • Flowercats will react to changes in their environment more noticeably than most other races, and can often tell days in advance if abrupt weather changes are approaching.
  • They have an ability to speak to sentient plants who may not otherwise be seen as sentient, and do so via a form of ESP.
  • They can diagnose the condition of non-sentient plants, and are able to tell if plants are edible, poisonous, or medicinal.
  • It is unknown what purpose the flower on their heads serves, as it does not seem to be vital to the Flowercat’s existence.
  • Advanced magical research speculates that Flowercats seem to be very distantly related to the Undertakers in Void Forest and to several other feline races on Owel, but no link between Flowercats and other race has actually ever been found, and is the subject of academic debate in the Magic City.

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