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Coralshell Turtle

Languages: Common, Shanty

Locations, common: National Port of Owel, Citrico Islands, Luxury, Althar, Auroria, Kadath

Climate preference: Any, as long as water is nearby

Place of origin: Owel, Citrico Islands

Notes: Though they have a preference for anywhere with a lake or ocean nearby, Coralshell Turtles can live anywhere on Owel with the exception of the most extreme environments, such as the frigid reaches of untamed Auroria or the lethally-hot Sere Valley.

Hereditary influence: Medium

Notes: Coralshell Turtles easily pass down affinities to their offspring. If one of the parents has a Water affinity, it will almost always be passed down in favor of other elements.

Environmental influence: Medium

Notes: Despite being an aquatic species, Coralshell Turtles are able to adapt to their environment with no real difficulty, even if water is not present in large amounts.


Weaknesses, common: Varies

Notes: Due to the wide variety of affinities found in Coralshell Turtles, no single element has been found to possess particularly detrimental effects for them. Elemental weakness instead seems to come about from the individual affinity of a Coralshell Turtle.

Resistances, common: Water

Notes: No matter their affinity, all known Coralshell Turtles have some degree of resistance to the negative effects of the Water element.

Common elements: Water, Air, Ice, Storm

Notes: Coralshell Turtles usually have affinities for two of the above listed elements. It is rare for a Coralshell Turtle to be lacking a Water affinity; when this happens, the individual is suspected to be a hybrid species.

Uncommon elements: Sand, Clay, Crystal

Notes: These affinities are usually only found in Coralshell Turtles who have either lived most of their lives on land, or in particularly warm-water beach environments.

Rare elements: Fire, Fire subtypes, Magnet

Notes: Coralshell Turtles living in extremely hot inland environments or near coastal/underwater volcanoes most often have the Fire and Fire subtype affinities. Magnet has to date only been found in Coralshell Turtles originating from Carrot Crook.


  • A Coralshell Turtle will change its coral's color and shape (a process taking many months) to match the palette and aesthetic of its environment. This happens automatically, and serves as a type of very minor camouflage.

  • Coralshell Turtles can break off and use pieces of their coral in various mixtures to treat physical ailments. They can also use large pieces of coral for bone grafts and skeletal repair, and they are quite talented at doing so. Coralshell Turtles are very popular in medical fields.

  • The coral on a Coralshell Turtle will grow indefinitely, although it never seems to grow in a manner which restricts the movement of the Coralshell Turtle. The coral becomes more fragile the longer it becomes, so it is rare to see a Coralshell Turtle with an exceptionally large amount of it.

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