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Common locations: Cockatrices are, once again, rare, so "common" is relative. They have been spotted mainly in South Owel, mainly in isolated, forgotten areas. Examples include: abandoned mountain towns, old merchant roads no longer in use, and forests which no longer receive consistent foot traffic. Several small populations have formed recently in Mew York, most likely due to the current Mayor being a Cockatrice.

Climate preference: Cockatrices prefer to live in warm areas, and can tolerate any level of aridity or humidity. Rain is acceptable in small amounts. Generally, as long as the environment remains consistently warm, or hot, Cockatrices will tolerate any local climate-specific oddities or weather events.

Ability to Plan/Abstract: Around 90% of Cockatrices are capable of higher-level thinking, such as the ability to plan ahead, and to define and understand abstract concepts and principles. Around 10% of Cockatrices are not capable of this higher-level thinking, but are nevertheless still highly intelligent and clever.

Language: Nearly all Cockatrices speak Lisk, and are commonly born with the ability to do so. Most still also can speak Common, but it must be learned.


Common: Cockatrices in general are a rare sight, so "common" is relative. Of the few known specimens documented, the most recurring elements were Water, Lava, Poison, Earth, and Fire. Cockatrices with the Water element nearly always possessed Fire or one of its subtypes as well.

Hereditary magic: Nearly all elemental affinity is passed down from the parents to the offspring, but there is a somewhat unique exception. If a Cockatrice is parent to an offspring, that offspring is able to have traits, abilities, and affinities from any individual in that Cockatrice's family tree. It is not uncommon for a pair of two Cockatrice parents to have offspring that differ wildly from them in shape, size, color, and ability.

Weaknesses: Most Cockatrices are susceptible to Ice, and exposure to too much cold weather will make their minds and bodies sluggish, and can eventually lead to forced hibernation. If the Cockatrice is not prepared for this, they can starve to death.

Resistances: Cockatrices are usually proficient with Fire or any of its subtypes, but are not necessarily resistant to those elements.


Cockatrices vary greatly in physique between one another, but usually always possess both serpentine and avian features. Many are able to perform some level of hypnotism or charm by way of their gaze, which usually requires two or more additional specific conditions to be met before it becomes effective. This leads to many individuals becoming uncomfortable when forced to look a Cockatrice in the eye, because although simply meeting their gaze is usually safe, the conditions required for hypnotism are usually subtle, and can be met and activated without the victim being aware of it. An exception to this is any species with horizontal pupils, such as Satyrs, Weasels, and Frogs, who tend to be immune to gaze-originated suggestions. Cockatrices do not have male or female-specific physical traits, and determining sex and/or gender can be difficult. Female Cockatrices are apt to be more aggressive than their male counterparts, especially when it comes to the safety of their young. However, since Cockatrices as a whole are known for being aggressive, this is not a reliable system for determining their sex or gender. They also despise the sound of rooster’s crowing, as hearing one causes debilitating headaches in Cockatrices, often lasting for days.

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