[Beleth looking bored] [Andre looking proud of his graffiti]


These little guys like to go "bwee!"


Trebol Bweehorse

Darker in color (and more imbued with Sound magic) than the Topside coastal variants, the Trebol Bweehorses are curious about anything musical. The easiest way to attract one (or many!) is to go out into the forest and play a song that hasn't been heard before. If the song is interesting enough, you might be in luck. Once a Bweehorse has decided to hang around you for a while, sometimes it'll start making sound effects for different things - even if the sounds are ultimately redundant. Trying to stop a Bweehorse from doing so will only confuse it, as it'll just think it's not doing a good enough job, and it'll double down on its efforts. If, instead, you appreciate the Bweehorse's efforts, it will no longer deem the sounds necessary and will usually move on to something new - whether this be a new individual to follow, or a new set of sound effects for the Bweehorse's chosen companion.

Backwater Bweehorse

A type of Bweehorse commonly found in unsettled, isolated areas of Bluegrass. Unlike normal Bweehorses, Backwater Bweehorses do not have a habit of following travelers; rather, they attempt to coax travelers into following them. If the traveler agrees and visits the Bweehorses’ home, the Bweehorses will perform various pieces of music for the traveler. If the traveler shows their appreciation by being attentive and applauding at the end of the performance, the Backwater Bweehorses will often gift the traveler a various hard-to-find item, such as a fully-intact Sharp Shark tooth, a Metal Clover or an ear of Pop Corn with their past recorded music. Backwater Bweehorses never accept anything but applause as payment for their performances, and attempting to give anything more than that is considered an insult. Performances can last several hours, and Bweehorse music isn’t always considered good, so patience and willpower are needed to see it through.

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