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These critters were long thought to be an unintelligent race of silk-producing bugs. They are carnivorous and do not like disturbing plant life. They find it hard to form friendships with non-plants, as anything else is potentially food.

Common Locations: Bombyxes live only in the forest and wetland areas. They sometimes do travel into cities to sell their silk but never choose to live there.

Climate Preference: Forests, wetlands and more humid climates.

Ability to Plan/Abstract: Contrary to common belief, all Bombyx are self-aware and 100% proficient.

Language: Common


Common: Most of the affinities available to the Bombyx are geared towards nature and having the ability to care for plant life (air, light, water), or having the ability to generate new plants from nothing.

Hereditary Magic: Bombyx are very versatile in that when one is born it has the chance to be born with any of the possible affinities at random (from both sides in the case of a hybrid); regardless of what affinities the parents may have.

Weaknesses/ Resistances: Bombyxes are extremely weak to fire-affinity magic as well as all of it's supplements. Many Bombyx are also afraid of fire.


  • Bombyx can breed with most other insect races.

  • Female Bombyx lay several eggs which they protect until the larva hatch and are able to hunt for themselves.

  • If food is scarce (while the larva are still in the mothers care) it is the mothers obligation to resort to matriphagy to give her offspring the best opportunity to live.

  • They hunt by biting their prey and injecting small amounts of poison. The poison itself isn't fatal, but causes brief paralysis.

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