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The typical bearring is bipedal, furred, with elongated arms, has one or more ring patterns on their body, and is of average to above-average height. They are able to sleep until an external force wakes them up, such as an alarm clock, or someone calling their name.

Hereditary influence: High

Environmental influence: Very Low

Language: Any

Ability to reason: High

Climate preference: Cool, Cold

Notes: This is a preference only. Bearrings have been known to live even in the hottest regions on Owel. Whether those bearrings are comfortable or not is a difference story.

Native to: Owel

Notes: Research suggests bearrings originated from somewhere in Northern Owel, but specifics are currently unavailable.

Found in: Anywhere

Notes: Bearrings in general prefer quiet, relaxing towns and villages. Bustling noisy cities are often described as "too hard to sleep in."


Affinities: Any

Notes: Rate of Spirit/PSI affinity in bearrings is around 4.7%, well above most other species but still below the Jackals' 11.2%.

Weaknesses: None

Notes: Bearrings are shown to be very hardy creatures. This may explain why they are able to tolerate environments that should be completely incompatible with their affinities.

Resistances: Above Average



Bearrings do not tend to participate in highly-regulated communities. They prefer to sleep for days at a time. This does not lend itself to a society of strict expectations and requirements.

When they are not sleeping, they are most often daydreaming, or thinking about their next sleep sessions. Interpersonal relationships are very slow to start, if they happen at all.

This is not to suggest that bearrings are distant or cold. They are accepting and friendly, but find difficulty investing themselves in others or situations which require large amounts of waking attention.

Abilities: Astral Projection

Bearrings have the ability to project their consciousness in spiritual form, a phenomenon sometimes known as "astral projection." This is usually only possible when the bearring is asleep, although intense periods of daydreaming can trigger it.

Unlike nearly all forms of astral projection, bearrings are able to influence the physical world with theirs, and are even able to be observed by some individuals. What allows an individual to see a bearring's astral form is currently unknown, but if that individual can see one astral form, they can see them all.

Bearrings take great delight in exploring places on Owel while dreaming that would otherwise be too dangerous to explore otherwise. Places like Deep Mountain, Dedain, Peril, Neck-Deep Mire, and Sere Valley can all be investigated without any supplies or protective gear.

Bearrings are able to remember their dream-explorations with great clarity than most individuals, but they may struggle with fine details. If their astral form is destroyed or removed for any reason other than being woken up, it will be very difficult for them to remember anything about the dream.

Their astral form originates from their place of sleep, although a few experienced bearrings are able to start at locations that have been marked by their astral form, essentially acting as a checkpoint. Exactly how this happens is not fully known.

Hybrid Examples

Bearrings are able to hybridize with several other species.

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