[Beleth looking bored] [Andre looking proud of his graffiti]


Sometimes, while hiking or exploring Trebol, you might hear a performance going on in the woods. "That's weird," you might think. Except it's not, not on Trebol - Bandragons form bands and leave bands all the time, and they go around practicing their routines anywhere they happen to be. If the band of Bandragons notice you, they'll rush over and try to impress you with their new song. They'll get agitated if you try to escape their performance. Sometimes this leads to attacking, but often it leads to the Bandragons breaking up and forming new bands with other stray Bandragons. These bands are always doomed to failure, in the end: Bandragons only ever know how to copy other songs they've heard. They don't have many original musical ideas and thus rely on hearing songs performed around Trebol. And, once one group of Bandragons starts playing a new song, it tends to spread quickly through all nearby groups as they each rush to play the song better. As a word of warning: don't practice your own unreleased songs while out in nature, or a group of Bandragons might make it popular first!

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