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Aurorian Fox

Great items, bargain rates

Common locations: Auroria is the native homeland of the Aurorian Foxes, and most of them prefer to live there. Large populations of them can still be found in every major city, especially cities with developed economies, such as: National Port of Owel, Kadath, Mew York, Miaoustok, Althar, Twin Luxuries, and Citrico Capital. Almost all Aurorian Foxes living outside Auroria are merchants or business owners.

Climate preference: Aurorian Foxes prefer cool, arid climates, and Auroria is their ideal city. However, they also prefer to live in well populated cities, and many of them will tolerate hotter climates in favor of one.

Ability to Plan/Abstract: All Aurorian Foxes are capable of higher-level thinking, such as the ability to plan ahead, to reason, rationalize, and to understand abstract concepts and principles.

Language: Most Aurorian Foxes know Aurorian, and many of the traveling merchant types will also know languages native to their places of business.


Common: The image of the traditional Aurorian Fox conjures up thoughts of snow, ice, and general coldness. This is fitting, as their most likely affinity is Ice, or a combination of Water and Ice, Air and Ice, or Storm and Ice. The latter is the rarest of the "common" elemental typings of Aurorian Foxes.

Hereditary magic: Elemental affinity is easily passed down from parents to offspring, and these inherited affinities are themselves easily influenced by environmental magic. Aurorian Foxes possess an aptitude for Water, Air, and Ice, regardless of the environment they grew up in or their parent's affinities.

Aurorian Foxes are highly adaptive, almost to the extent that Commons Foxes are. Generally speaking, if a Commons Fox can acquire something as an affinity, an Aurorian Fox can as well, albeit at a slower rate.


Fire, Plasma, Lava: Traditional Aurorian Foxes dislike heat and are ill-equipped to deal with its effects, and they overheat quite easily.

Crystal: All known Aurorian Foxes, regardless of affinity, are highly susceptible to the effects of Crystal. They seem to have no innate defense against this type of magic, and it often temporarily disables their ability to tolerate cold and removes their familiarity with Ice-element magic.

Sand: Sand is similar to Crystal, but to a far lesser degree, and not all Aurorian Foxes have a susceptibility to this type of magic.


Ice, Air, Water: Aurorian Foxes have an instinctual understanding of these elements, and do not easily succumb to them.


  • Aurorian Foxes are distantly related to Commons Foxes, who rarely, if ever, possess the ability to comprehend the idea of individual property. This is interesting to note, as Aurorian Foxes are highly motivated by money, and will often become merchants and entrepreneurs at young ages.

  • If an Aurorian Foxes live away from Auroria, or away from any other cold climate for several generations, the children will eventually lose their cool colorations and heavy coats, and become tan and sleek. They are physically similar to Commons Foxes when this happens, and Aurorian Foxes will take offense at being mistaken for one.

  • Aurorian Foxes have a fondness for spicy foods and heated drinks, and will often endure harsh deserts and tropical climates in order to personally purchase exotic herbs and spices.

  • Aurorian Foxes have a reputation for being exceptionally avaricious, but in actuality, they enjoy the act of conducting trades.

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