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The fourth of the Blackjack Isles, and the most exciting. The most terrific. More can be written, but won't be.

The Citadel - The capital of Pike, and the command center for the entire island. Home to Baphomet, Empress of the Blackjack Isles. Every Heir and Arch Magni report the goings-on of their respective islands to her. Not open to the general public. Visitors must have a valid reason for entering, and must be accompanied by a ranked demon at all times.

Spoke - Ever wonder where the Blackjack Isles get all their power? Spoke is the answer. Most of their power-generating technology is kept a closely-guarded secret for fear of weaponization by outside parties, but it's most likely geothermal or seismic in origin. It's rumored that undercover engineers from Tesla supply Spoke with designs, but... that's just a rumor.

Circuit - They deal in developing electronics and transportation technology. Get it? Circuit? Yeah... nobody knows who came up with that pun. But it doesn't matter. All the hottest new vehicles for the public market are made in Circuit, as well as all the deadliest vehicles of warfare. Not much here for tourists, unless you're in the market to buy something.

Terminal - Terminal primarily develops and researches combat technology. Yes, it's another pun. Let's not focus on that right now, though. All the techniques and equipment utilized in the fight against the angels is made and tested here. They must be doing a good job, because Pike is still standing.

The Vault - Every military has to store their surplus, and The Vault is where Pike stores theirs. Considered to be the most secure spot in all of Owel. Criminals are stored here, as well. What kinds of criminals? Well, the kind you don't want to ever escape. The kind you can't kill, for one reason or another. Not open to the public except on very special occasions, and often for just one individual at a time.

Bastion - The first, and the last. Topsiders aren't allowed here. Not much about this place is passed on to the other cities.

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