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Malady - Amphilia

Amphilia (Love Shock, Volt Heart)

Location: Teslic Yard

Type: Mental

Signs and Symptoms

Early Symptoms of Amphilia include

  • Slight urge to physically handle Teslic creatures
  • Slight urge to chew on two different types of metal at the same time
  • Pervasive thoughts on the nature of electricity

Late Symptoms of Amphilia include

  • Uncontrollable urges to seek out and physically handle Teslic creatures
  • Uncontrollable urges to seek out electricity and apply it to various appendages
  • Thoughts on the nature of electricity, and how to most efficiently apply it to one's body
  • Delusions of being a conduit, battery, capacitor, or other electrical device


The native creatures of Teslic Yard (there are dozens, and they shall be known simply as "Teslic creatures") are extremely hostile to non-Teslic creatures, and casual observation will reveal this to all but the most unobservant of individuals. If an individual expresses a desire to handle a Teslic creature, even in a jesting manner, they should be suspected to have the beginning stages of Amphilia. If an individual begins to search for something to chew on, such as gum, or if they begin to talk about the workings of electricity in any form, they should be suspected to have the beginning stages of Amphilia.

Despite these obvious signs, Amphilia is difficult to diagnose, as individuals traveling to Teslic Yard are usually scientists or researchers with a pre-existing interest in the science and magic of electricity, and of the Teslic creatures that have inspired many of Owel's technological innovations.


Exactly how an individual contracts Amphilia is unknown, but the willpower of the individual is suspected to play a part. Teslic creatures, although hostile and possessing grotesque physical forms, exude an aura which inspires feelings of beauty, intrigue, and a (dangerous!) urge to approach them. It is suspected that this aura can penetrate and contaminate the minds of weak-willed individuals and manipulate them in subtle ways, which will eventually lead to Amphilia.

Amphilia is not contagious.

Risk of Exposure

Individuals traveling to Teslic Yard are at risk of contracting Amphilia. Direct observation of a Teslic creature is not needed to be influenced by its aura; only proximity to the creature and time spent near it is necessary.

Individuals with no knowledge or interest in electricity seem to be unable to contract Amphilia, and are unaffected by the aura of Teslic creatures. These individuals often view Teslic creatures with extreme aversion, and will go to great lengths to distance themselves from the Teslic creatures.


The aura of Teslic creatures travels through the air, so most of Teslic Yard's buildings are underground. The few buildings that are required to be above ground are shielded by a layer of a specially engineered, magically-insulating fiber (known as NoPow). This fiber absorbs the aura of Teslic creatures, and needs to be maintained on a regular basis.

Individuals traveling through Teslic Yard are advised to travel in vehicles padded with NoPow, or if traveling on foot, to wear full-body suits of woven NoPow. If neither of these options are available, traveling as fast as possible to an underground area or a building shielded with NoPow is advised.


Early stages: Evacuate the individual from Teslic Yard or place them in an area highly shielded with NoPow. If the individual is no longer exposed to the aura of Teslic creatures, the symptoms of Amphilia will gradually disappear.

Later stages: The individual should be evacuated from Teslic Yard and moved to a medical facility specializing in magical mental restoration, as the individual's mind may be too corrupted by the aura of Teslic creatures to return to normal on its own. The closest city with such a facility is Moggy.

It is important to keep in mind that individuals with Amphilia will not want to be removed from the aura of Teslic creatures. They will usually protest or object, and in some cases will resort to extreme violence in order to make physical contact with a Teslic creature or to electrocute themselves. Restraining teams should be on standby at all times.


If treated early and successfully, the individual will have no side effects from Amphilia.

If left untreated, the individual will usually commit suicide by electrocution or be killed by the first Teslic creature they make contact with.

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