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Elements are the types of magic that exist in Floraverse. There is a wide range of types of elements and nearly everything (and everyone) has an elemental affinity. It is possible an individual in Floraverse lacks an elemental affinity, however these are extremely rare cases since the world is filled with magic! Elemental affinities can possibly influence an individual's physical appearance, personality, skills, and what kind of magic they may excel in! Affinities may also change or a second one may be obtained depending on the magic (or lack of it) in the area.

Elements are generally capitalized in order to distinguish if someone is referring to affinity or physical element. (Example: They have Fire. They are on fire.)

Primary Elements

There are 5 primary elements in Floraverse. They are as followed:

  1. Fire

  2. Water

  3. Air

  4. Earth

  5. Spirit

Secondary Elements

Combining two of these five elements will produce a secondary element. There are 15 secondary elements in total.

  1. Plasma - (Fire x Fire)

  2. Acid - (Fire x Water)

  3. Light - (Fire x Air)

  4. Lava - (Fire x Earth)

  5. Aura - (Fire x Spirit)

  6. Ice - (Water x Water)

  7. Cloud - (Water x Air)

  8. Clay - (Water x Earth)

  9. Poison - (Water x Spirit)

  10. Storm - (Air x Air)

  11. Sand - (Air x Earth)

  12. Sound - (Air x Spirit)

  13. Crystal - (Earth x Earth)

  14. Magnet - (Earth x Spirit)

  15. Psi - (Spirit X Spirit)

Tertiary Elements

Tertiary elements also exist in Floraverse. They are produced when two secondary or one primary and one secondary elements are combined. However, due to the number of possibilities this creates, they will not be listed.


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