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Each year in Floraverse is divided into 12 month and each month's name is derived from the name of an animal. They proceed in the following order:

  1. Rath (Rat-month) with 31 days

  2. Oxoth (Ox-month) with 28-29 days

  3. Tigoth (Tiger-month) with 31 days

  4. Raboth (Rabbit-month) with 30 days

  5. Drath (Dragon-month) with 31 days

  6. Snakoth (Snake-month) with 30 days

  7. Horth (Horse-month) with 31 days

  8. Goath (Goat-month) with 31 days

  9. Monmonth (Monkey-month) with 30 days

  10. Roosoth (Rooster-month) with 31 days

  11. Doth (Dog-month) with 30 days

  12. Pigoth (Pig-month) with 31 days


There are 14 astrological signs in Floraverse.

Pegasus Delphinus Volans Phoenix Cetus Monoceros Corvus Lepus Lupus Chamaeleo Hydra Draco Ophiuchus Camelophardus


Each week contains 7 days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

There is at least 1 moon every night in the sky. The name of this primary moon is simply The Moon.

Every other Monday, a second misshapen moon will appear in the night sky. The name of this second moon is Lil Luna, but more commonly referred to as just Luna. When this happens, the day is called a Double Monday.

A third moon will appear along side the other two every three months. This day is called Triple Monday, though it can fall on any day of the week. The name of this third moon is Small Selene and is commonly referred to as just Selene.


While the rest of the continent of Owel is currently in the year 633, it is important to note that Mew York City is in the year 352 according to their calendar. This is widely believed to be to mark their independence.


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