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Floraverse FAQs

General Questions

What is Floraverse?

Floraverse a collection of reference materials and characters in the same universe as GlitchedPuppet’s webcomic, Seeds: A Mini Story. In addition to the webcomic, Flora also includes stories and artwork created by fans. Occasionally some of these ideas are worked into canon in some way, however the main purpose is to provide material and references for people to create art and stories.

I want to contribute to Floraverse! How can I do it?

Easy! If you have a DeviantArt account, you can join our official group page, Floraverse, by clicking the join button. If you are on Tumblr, you can tag your work with #floraverse. Not on DA or Tumblr? No worries! There is also a community forum as well!! Artists and writers are welcomed!!

Sounds easy. Are there any rules?

Yes. There are only two solid rules to Floraverse.

  1. No humans. They do not exist in this universe. Never have, never will.

  2. All works must be submitted under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.

What does this license mean?

Under this license, everything in Floraverse is free for everyone to use as they wish, including selling things with your images, but they must give you credit for your work. This way, if GlitchedPuppet wishes to make a species into canon, they can do so under this license.

In short, we are asking participants in the Flora community to share their works to be used in the same way as Glip shares theirs.

I want to create characters! What species are available for me to use? Can I make up my own?

A list of all currently known Floraverse species can be found here! All species in Floraverse are open, meaning you can use them to create your own OCs.

And yes; you are more than welcomed to create your own species and share with the rest of the community. Anything that exists in real life can be used as a base.

Can I make more than one character? Submit more than one species suggestion?


I see there are prompts where fans can participate. Can I join in the middle of one or is it too late?

It’s never too late to join in! All prompts, past and present, are forever open.

There is only one deadline for prompts and that is for if you want a chance at having your characters or ideas appearing in Glip’s canon story.

I have a great idea! How can it become canon?

The short answer is: It's up to Glip. If they see a suggestion or a concept in a fan's story or prompt entry that they like and fits into their plan for Floraverse, then it will be chosen. However, it does not happen often and these idea may not be shown in canon right away!

It is important to note that having an idea become canon is not the goal in Floraverse. The point of having fans participate in prompts is to create stories and art.

Magic, elements, affinities, abilities,... I’m a bit confused on how these work exactly. Can you explain?

There are pages on Elements and Magic within our wiki! They explain the basics on how magic works in Flora and how elements play a role.

What kind of technology is used in this world?

The level of technology varies. There are some towns and cities who have access to highly advance technology, and same who don’t. Technology can be used to replace magic or be combined with it!

Is there a guide to a certain language in Flora?

As of right now, no. The Floraverse crew would rather spend their time creating art, stories, and content. However, if you are interested in creating a language to be used in Flora, you are more than welcomed to do so!

When can we expect updates?

When they're done.