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Mew York

Points of Entry

Port Innsmouth

In the area known as "Lakeside" since it is by Lake Miaoustok. It's the border checkpoint for those traveling along the river heading into the Mew York region. Illegal items (certain weapons, addictive substances, and counterfeit merchandise) will be confiscated and destroyed, and a fine will be levied against anyone shipping them. Despite the high amount of traffic, the population is quite low due to...reasons. Reports of the sighting of things creeping in the nightly mist, and rumors of strange going-ons with the residents have merchant vessels cooperating with border officials to get through Innsmouth as quickly as possible. They'll tell you that spending the night here isn't advised, but they're probably all just superstitious.

Port Lemin

Like Innsmouth, this port serves as a border checkpoint but everything is done at a much more leisurely pace. With a climate as nice as here (and no cold creeping-thing-harboring mist descending from a nearby mountain come to envelop you), it is an extremely popular tourist destination and the first major city if you're coming from Citrico. Contraband searches here aren't nearly as rigorous as in Innsmouth, either - Citrico doesn't have a stigma for being a source of illegal goods like Lake Miaoustok does.

There are several fishing towns near Port Lemin, but they make an effort to be as unenticing as possible in an effort to keep tourists away.

Port Poppy

Another border checkpoint. Due to the high amount of magical and/or spiritual merchandise and goods coming in through Althar, customs here takes the longest. Screening all cargo for malicious or cursed magic is a very time-consuming and expensive process if done at Port Poppy, so it's advised to have everything pre-screened by any licensed Mew York official in Althar before traveling.

Mew York City

The actual city is located within the center of the Mew York territory, and mostly consists of public parks and services, and government/political buildings such as courthouses, embassies, banks, and town halls. Most everyone who comes to work here lives in one of the neighboring districts, like The Terraces or Scrump.


The Terraces

Peacock - Also known as The Arts (plural specifically) district. It's also known as the living test site for Mew York's infrastructure engineers. Any proposed changes to existing infrastructure, whether they be as reasonable as new energy-efficient buildings and less-congested streets, or as far-fetched as rope-suspended pedestrian sidewalk-bridges going from building to building, it's enacted here first. The architecture and aesthetic of The Terraces seems to change every few blocks or so, and the residents here have taken pride in its myriad styles.

Suntrap - If feeling conscious about your carbon pawprint is your thing, then Suntrap is your place (provided you're rich enough to live in it). If the residents here had their way, the entire city - no, the entire territory - would be powered exclusively by solar energy. Everyone would also wear only organic, all-natural fabrics, eat locally-grown food (because food from thirty miles away is too far to be considered local), and dig their own outhouses. For fertilizer, of course. Suntrap is considered to be annoying by nearly every other city, but the residents there pay their taxes, so it's all tolerated.


Snitch - Snitch isn't its real name, but no one remembers what the real name is. The research and information collection center of Mew York. If something needs to be thought about or discussed before being enacted, like city projects, new tax rates, general direction of city policy, etc., the agencies to see it through from conception to execution are here. Also home to the census bureau, which is a completely innocent branch of government, yet somehow the most unpopular one in public opinion. Probably because the census workers are in charge of determining who and what lives where, and no one likes the idea of government knowing that.

Rustle - The manufacturing district of Mew York. Due to Mew York's insistence that all its infrastructure and technology be completely functional without the use of magic, it has taken to building its own everything. And that takes a lot of space. There are almost no residential areas at all in Rustle - there's not even a dozen hotels in the entire area. What there is, however, are hundreds of factories, working seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. It's a very loud district. Rustle, indeed.

North District


Gloam's sister city! All technology and research originating from Glowbug is shared shared with Gloam, and vice versa. This allows both cities to progress in their scientific and technological pursuits at a much faster rate than they would on their own. It's been working well, too! Glowbug is responsible for most of Mew York's innovation, including (but not limited to) intra-city compacts, electric-rail cars, and the hydroelectric generators used to power nearly all of inner Mew York's infrastructure.


It's like a miniature Althar, but less hot and more greenery. Most everyone who lives here would like to live in Althar, but for one reason or another can't handle its unforgiving climate. Spiritual items of all sorts can be found here, most of them certified to be completely curse-free! For anyone with a cursed item, or under the effects of a curse, relief can be found here as well. Foxfire has nearly everything you'd normally have to travel to Althar for, but with the convenience of being within Mew York.

Mew York Reservoir area

Power Plant - Actual location not shown. These are the pride of Mew York, and are a testament to their ability to innovate without magic. These power plants convert the electricity from the Mew York - Miaoustok generators into usable power for the entire inner city. There's currently a project underway to build more generators and bring power to every city within the Mew York territory!

Water Treatment Facility - Another marvelous innovation: clean drinking water, without the use of magic. With this facility, boiling your own water after filtering it through a sock is no longer necessary. It provides every city (and some of the larger towns and villages) with potable water straight from the Mew York Reservoir, which itself is kept filled by the Miaoustok aquifer.

Emergency Responder HQ - All emergency public servants, such as firefighters, paramedics, and peace officers undergo training and education here at the HQ. Classes last anywhere from two to three years, depending on the individual's chosen profession, and graduation is required before officially being employed by Mew York.

West District


When a massive merchant ship ran ashore and dumped its entire cargo (thousands of crates of assorted citrico-variety apples) along the river bank, hundreds of citizens traveled here to helped themselved to the apples, thus Appleton was born. Everyone who lives here loves apples. You sort of have to. Their official dish is apple pie. Their official flower is the apple flower. Their official bird is the applebird. Their houses are made of applewood, which is highly flammable, but smells very good when burned, so the pros and cons balance out. The remnants of the historic ship are still here, and are home to a massive conglomeration of apple trees. It's a popular sight-seeing destination.

West York Harbor

Unofficially the "first actual" city you'll reach while heading south from Lake Miaoustok, according to the merchant community. Innsmouth is technically (literally) the first, but since nobody ever wants to stay there overnight, it doesn't count. Special channels have been constructed to allow select cargo ships to sail directly into Mew York.


First stop of anyone wanting to rest for a while after clearing customs going north through Port Lemin. Their maritime fashions are cutting-edge. If you fancy having your crew appear like genuine sailors, this is the place to go. If you're in the mood for something more ferocious, say, a pirate aesthetic, this is also the place to go.


If Appleton became a sprawling orchard town because of a merchant vessel's colossal misadventure, Tyria became one on purpose. It supplies most of the produce and livestock required to keep the inner city of Mew York functioning. It's also the first major town travelers see when traveling down the Maioustok River. If you're from Dewclaw or Moggy, Tyria is most likely your chosen town for hitching a ride along the river. Just don't bring any cargo with you, as that's not allowed. There's rumors of Dewclaw serving as an underground highway for illicit goods, and all riverside towns are under periodic surveillance for surreptitious cargo-loading.

Vandalroot District


If Mew York is one of the most diverse cities on Owel (and it is), then Catkin is the most diverse city in Mew York. Its neighboring cities are Beheaded City and Crunchbone, and numerous Hanged Men and Gnolls originally hailing from there now live here - almost no other city on Owel can claim this!

Tensions are sometimes high in Catkin due to the Gnoll culture not meshing well at all with the Hanged Man culture. Gnolls regard their dead as sacred, and Hanged Men regard any dead as a potential host body. As an aside, if you've experienced a loss of a loved one, look no further than Catkin for the best in cremation services.


More Gnolls, less Hanged Men. Home to a very large community of Gnolls originally from Three Gnoll Lake's, and almost like a wildlife preserve in appearance. Everything here is designed to blend in with nature, be it a lightpost, a street, a building, or a fire hydrant. Keep in mind that Hedgetown is more Gnolls than anything else, and not many of them speak Common, so a friend who speaks Tribal Gnoll is recommended when visiting. It's not required, though, as Hedgetown Gnolls are a very open and accepting bunch.


There's been whispers of an underground black market somewhere in the southern district of Mew York, where Althar grave-robbers come to sell their wares. Authorities have yet to locate this market, or even verify its existence. A reward is being offered by city hall for any credible tips regarding its location. The mark on the map is simply a guess at Vandalroot's location based on previous tips.

Notable Neighbors

Beheaded City - Home of the Hanged Men (and deserving of its own map at some point). The Hanged Men's intimate knowledge of inner-body functions and maintenance required to keep them up and running was noticed by medical professionals in Mew York some time ago. Since then, Mew York and the Beheaded City work together to advance medical technology sans magic, and they've enjoyed considerable success.

Miaoustok - Lake Miaoustok is the largest city located within the Miaoustok Mountains. It deserves its own map, as it is its own territory, but is included in many maps because of its close partnership with Mew York.

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